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About Us

Our company has been under the leadership of people from within the textile sector since the 1960s. In 1991, Üçler Tekstil Ltd. It was established as Şti. 

    Our company has started to provide services primarily in the form of Wholesale Sales. In the following process, we started to reach our customers with retail merchandising. 

    in 1996, in order to make our work more widespread and to provide better service to the consumer, Uğraş Tekstil Ltd. Şti. it has been established.

    Then, with our expanding business volume with your support, we started to serve you with our 6 exclusive stores that we opened in various districts of Trabzon. “We continue our service on women's-men's, children's clothing and sportswear” with about 45 employees.

    Our company has acquired a "VISION" to become a leading organization in its sector with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continuous development, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management understanding, compliance with technological developments and sharing. 

    In addition, we have made it our "MISSION" to be a company that creates resources and value for our customers, employees and our country. 

     We offer our respect and love to all our customers who trust us and support us.


Company Name: Uğraş Tekstil Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Phone: 04624111961

Fax: 04623230542

Tax Office: Karadeniz

Tax Number: 8850028050

Commercial Register No: 8304

Mersis No: 088500280500017

CAP Address: [email protected]

Call Center: 0850 532 71 75

Online Support: 0850 532 71 75