When you think of the evening dress industry, Turkey comes to mind, and we have been selling wholesale evening dresses for you for years. Choosing evening dresses has been the most difficult thing for customers for years. We have a wide variety of top quality evening dress creations for you on our Dressyou site. Thanks to our wholesale, you can have our quality evening dresses at affordable prices and equip your stores with our magnificent evening dresses.

Each client's expectations from evening dresses are different. While some customers want very ornate embroidered models, some customers prefer very plain and unadorned models. That's why we produce a wide variety of evening dress creations. We want to appeal to all your customers. Since we have so many wholesale evening dresses, you may be confused about which one to buy. For this, we have put four main headings and filtering features on our Dressyou site. By using these filtering features, you can easily find the dresses you have in mind. As the Dressyou family, we offer you the best quality evening dresses at the most affordable prices. The reason why our prices are affordable is that we do wholesale. We never compromise on quality. We always carefully select the best quality fabrics and embroidery for our customers and use them in our evening dresses.

How We Do Wholesale Evening Dresses?

There are many kinds of evening dresses in Turkey. It is not possible to find such different types of evening dresses abroad. That's why so many of our customers from abroad were supplying evening dresses from us. Selling one by one was more costly for both us and our customers. That's why we thought of doing wholesale. In this way, you will be able to buy our products from stores in your own country. Store owners can buy wholesale evening dresses from our Dressyou website at much more affordable prices than in their own country.

You can shop comfortably on our site by choosing one of the Euro and Dollar currencies. We have wholesale evening dress delivery to the whole world. Our delivery to the USA, Canada and Australia takes an average of 5 days. We provide shipping to European Countries between 2-4 days. For other countries, it takes a maximum of 7 days. You will not find such fast wholesale evening dress sales anywhere else. We deliver your evening dresses to you 100% safely.

Another reason why we do wholesale is that you have more access to our evening dresses. You need to buy at least 3 of each of our dresses. When buying evening dresses for your store, do not forget to buy evening dresses that fit your concept or in many different styles. We wholesale evening dress and dress designs suitable for many body types for you. Then, we produce all of them from the highest quality fabrics. So, we provide a wide variety of evening dresses to suit different places.

Things To Consider When Buying Wholesale Evening Dresses

We are preparing evening dress creations that will appeal to everyone. And we offer wholesale for you. What you need to consider is your client portfolio. Every customer has different expectations from evening dresses. Some customers look for evening dresses that are suitable for their body type, while others look for evening dresses that are suitable for their events. We wholesale evening dresses suitable for every body type and event on Dressyou site.

Apart from the evening dress models that suit body types, the length of the evening dresses is also important.

We usually recommend our tall and deep slit evening dresses to our tall customers. Our tall customers always wear long evening dresses very well. We generally recommend our short evening dress models to our short and petite customers. Because short evening dresses make our petite customers look taller. Short evening dresses suit our petite customers very well. We generally recommend our boat neck models to our narrow-shouldered customers. These models help us show our customers' shoulders wider. On the contrary, we recommend our broad-shouldered customers most often our deep-necked evening dress models or v-neck evening dresses.

 By paying attention to these guidelines, you can get the required number of evening dresses at our wholesale prices. We always guarantee high customer satisfaction. This is because we control the evening dresses from the moment, we start to produce them until they reach you. We use the highest quality at every stage. As we do wholesale, we make sure that every dress is of the highest quality. We take great care in sewing all our dresses. Customer satisfaction is always the most important thing for us. We wholesale our best quality evening dresses to satisfy you. You can fill your stores with our best quality products with peace of mind.

Dress Types According To Body Type

There are basically 4 different body types. We have loads of wholesale dresses you can buy for these 5 basic body types.

Firstly, there is the hourglass body type. Most evening dresses fit our customers with hourglass body type. We especially recommend our evening dresses in fish form. You can also choose v-neck or a-cut evening dresses with deep slits.

Secondly, we have pear body type clients. This body type is a very common body type in Turkey and many countries. In this body type, a thin waist and wide hips come to the fore. The evening dress model we will recommend to you is generally the models that sit at the waist and open downwards. In addition, chest or back décolleté is highly preferred in this body type.

Third, there is the rectangular body type. Our customers with this body type usually have a flat body type. So they don't have a lot of holes. We usually knit our models with deep slits or deep cleavage for such customers.

Fourth, we have apple body type customers. Our customers with apple body type have broad shoulders. They have fuller body lines. That's why we recommend them our low-cut or v-neck evening dresses. In addition, since their legs are thin, we usually recommend them to choose our evening dresses at the knees or shorter. For our customers who prefer long evening dresses, we recommend more draped and slit evening dresses.

If you know your customer portfolio really well, you can wholesale buy the best quality evening dresses for your customers from our Dressyou site